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Why Buy The Cow


Why Buy The Cow 

This is a book for people who are tired of casual sex without the commitment, those who want more out of a relationship than just sex!

This book is for those individuals who desire to have their true soul mate, the one that the Lord intended and who are willing to wait, knowing that he/she will be THE right person for them.

This book is a great read for the single christian and secular community.

Mississippi Shines


Mississippi Shines

 It was the year 1836 and slavery was in full bloom, and nowhere was it more prominent in America than in the southern cotton and tobacco plantations of the deep south.My great, great grandfather was a white slave plantation owner. His name was James William Shine, who was born in Florida, but raised in North Carolina during the height of the slave trade market and he ran a great cotton plantation in Alabama, called the Hanging Moss Plantation. He had a son named John Edward Shine born in 1825 in Alabama, most people called him “Johnnie”. Johnnie was the youngest son of James, all the other sons had married and moved away, and so Johnnie and was set to inherit this great plantation which held over 150 slaves. Johnnie had only one thing stopping him and that was he fell in love with a slave. This slave was my great great grandmother – Matilda “Tilly” Weatherly whom he ran away with to Mississippi to escape the injustice and depravity of their plight in Alabama, or so they think? 

Illinois Strong - Book I


Book I - Illinois First 

It was a cold winter night and the snow was falling ever so lightly hitting Illinois on her face but the snow started melting as soon as it touched her face. Illinois’ was running as fast as she could through the woods. She did not know where she was going she just knew she had to get away, She kept running but also kept falling. She was tripping over fallen branches and rocks It was dark that night and she could not see. She wanted to find a hiding place and just as she turned a corner she saw a briar patch that was pretty thick and felt she could hide there. Already dirty from her running through the woods all night and falling and getting back up again. So she was sure they would not see her she hurriedly put some more dirt on her face closed her eyes, knelt down and prayed. 

Illinois Strong - Book II


 Illinois Strong - Book II

Joseph's Courage

In Book II - We continue with the story of Illinois and Joseph. Book II focuses on Joseph's Courage. When the KKK holds a rally in Yazoo, Mississippi their home town, Joseph happens to come upon it one night and has to make a decision. Will he confront these men or will he join them? Will Joseph Martin, a white man, finds courage to confront the white supremacy in his town?We see Illinois grow into a beautiful woman who is strong and intelligent. She will pursue her dreams and ambitions and achieve them. What will become of her relationship between her, a black woman, and Joseph a white man? Will their relationship survive the prejudices of the deep south? 

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10/25/2019 - 10/26/2019

National Black Book Festival

10am - 7pm

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10/25/2019 - 10/26/2019

National Black Book Festival

Please join me at the National Black Book Festival where myself and hundreds of authors will be displaying and selling their books and signing them to the public.  This event is free and open to the public.   The event will be held at Fallbrook Church 12512 Walter's Road, Houston, TX 77014

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10am - 7pm